Saturday, August 11, 2007

What's on TV?

1. Mad Men The world as it was when I was born. Don't mind the smoke.
2. The Bronx Is Burning Steinbrenner was an asshole even back then!
3. Big Love Even better if you used to live in Utah. Sinister doings. . .
4. Entourage I'm far more like Turtle than Vinny.
5. The Deadliest Catch Ah, the glamour of the high seas!
6. The Office Uncomfortably funny.
7. Robot Chicken You tell me what it all means.
8. Costas Now Bryant Gumble-free! Always an interesting story or two.
9. The Ghosts of Flatbush: Documentary adaptation of Michael Shapiro's "The Last Good Season"
10. Cheaters This is best when some wronged spouse decides to whomp some ass.

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