Sunday, September 9, 2007

Meet the New Neighbors!

Would you mind if I borrowed a cup of sugar?

I suppose plastic surgery in Texas has gone mainstream. I mean, if you aren't getting a boob job or liposuction, well, you're probably in the minority around here anymore. Tatoos? I read somewhere that 60% of the population under 35 has em now, and the majority are found on folks who are in the upper half of the economic scale--they just aren't for sailors anymore, of course. Then there's the piercings and brandings, etc.

But these folks really take it to an extreme.

"Hey, honey, did you meet the new neighbor? Ron's an interesting guy. Insurance agent. Has 3,000 piercings, and, hey, did you check out those horns he had inserted under his skin?"

I'm more liberal-minded than most, but what am I supposed to think of folks like this?

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