Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Essential Keith Olbermann

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I love Olbermann. He's an acquired taste, his bombast. If you don't have time to watch him everynight, here's a minute of him. You get the idea.

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DS said...

I love him too. But I suspect right wingers hate him in much the same way we hate Rush Limbaugh.

Early in his career, he did sports for an independent TV station in LA. During the MLB strike, he ran clips of baseball highlights from previous seasons which he introduced nightly as "Gratuitous Baseball."

My favorite Obermannism however was the time he showed a clip of a hot-dogging football player on a breakaway touchdown run who raised the ball for a windmill spike at about the 5-yard line only to have it fly out of his hand before the goal line. He called it…"premature e-jock-ulation."