Thursday, April 23, 2009

We're baack.. .

Lance and I are back. . .around 16,000 air miles and 4600 kilometers driving and two weeks later, we're sitting in the Burger King at LAX, awaiting our connecting flight on American home to DFW. Traveling on AA, though, it's anyone's guess as to when our filight will arrive. But, we're hopeful.

Already, being back in the US of A has been a downer. Typical US: dirty restaurant, indifferent, uncommunicative employees at the Burger King, rude people otherwise. A complete opposite of our experiences in Australia (where employees are attentive and friendly even when tipping isn't allowed!).

I'd hoped to blog on a regular basis as we traveled NSW, but long days, lots of driving and lack of reliable internet connection spoiled that plan. So look for updates recapping our trip every few days on here.

Meanwhle, here's a shot from an early bulldog encounter in a suburb of Sydney. There's LOT more to come, I can assure you. . .All three standard-gauge B-class double-ended bulldogs, owner by CFCLA leasing, lead a work train at Engadine, a southern suburb of Sydney, on Easter Sunday.

The only three standard-gauge B-class double-cabbed bulldogs, owned by leasing firm CFCLA, work a concrete tie train on a Rail Corp possession on Easter Sunday at Engadine, south of Sydney.

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SDP45 said...

Wow! Neat to see those operating in 2009! Can't wait for the updates.