Friday, June 19, 2009

Oz Trip, day 13 (times two):Homecoming!

Worth coming home to: The Three Dudes, together again!

Thursday, April 23: The bad thing about flying TO Australia is that you lose a day of your life. The good thing about flying FROM Australia is that you get to live a day over again!

As much fun as we had Down Under, it really was great to get home to our own "reality." And nothing on the trip compared with the feeling of being greeted at the door by Mary and the boys. . .even I. was happy to see me again!

The dudes had worked hard to paint me a Welcome Home sign and greeted me with balloons, hugs, kisses and their big smiles. I did the same! Unpacking could wait--except to dig out the goodies I brought home for them!

I went back to work the following night. Reality set in. Back in the States, back at work. The jet lag was far worse coming back than going. . .it took me a couple of weeks before I'd re-adjusted my already whacked schedule to get my clock back onto a night shift. And then I caught some sort of cold/sinus infection than hung on for a month. There definately was a price to pay.

But it was worth it.

Making dad a welcoming poster. . .

Ready for the reunion. . .

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