Saturday, September 12, 2009

Warning: Another story that makes Texans look like close-minded, potentially-racist, idiots

I'm not surprised by anything anymore, but this one, well, my Incred-O-Meter just about pegged out. So, the school district in Arlington wouldn't allow students to watch President Obama's speech to students because it was. . . .well, politically motivated?

Now, it turns out, the district already was planning on busing--at district expense, at a time when schools are in the financial crapper--500 fifth-graders to the new Cowboys Stadium (built at a cost of $1.2 BILLION, a good chunk of which is carried on the backs of Arlington tax-payers) to hear a speech by former President George "What? Me Worry?" Bush about the importance of volunteerism for the 2011 Super Bowl, which the city will host.

Said the district superintendent: "In retrospect, I can see how the district's decisions concerning these two events could be seen as favoring one event over another."

Uh, ya think?


The Mighty Oz said...

Racism is alive and well in the US.

Makes what we did to Dick Nixon in the 60's and 70's look like childs' play.

The speech was about believeing in yourself, staying in school, and looking ahead to the opportunities that you will have if you apply yourself. I doubt it generated any political leanings, left or right in any school kid.

I still believe "change is coming," and we have the main in charge that can do it. If only the great legions of the "dumb Americans" can see it.

South Coast Rail said...

you will be able to see better with two 'eyes' in 'idot'

Anonymous said...

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