Friday, December 7, 2007

Insomniac Photo Gallery

Feeling like crap this morning; sick and I can't sleep. So, hey, let's post a few old photographs!

Wishram, WA, July 23, 1977: A pair of big Century 636's and a smaller C424 clear their throat entering the Wishram yard, coming off the Oregon Trunk bridge over the Columbia River. These big 3600 h.p. monsters were beasts!

Maryhill, WA July 23, 1977: Later that morning and a few miles east, an RS11/RS3 set is in the siding for an eastbound drag behind a former GN GP9 and an RS3. Which one to chase? Decisions, decisions. . . .

Vancouver, WA July 22, 1977: The night before, we visited the home base for all of BN's Alco locomotive, the former Spokane, Portland & Seattle shop in Vancouver. On the ready track, an RS3, three F9B's, and two more Alcos are ready to take the evening freight south on the Oregon Electric to Salem.

Wishram, WA February 23, 1979: En-route to the snowy Blue Mountains and the Union Pacific, chased this eastbound train of Boeing 747 fuselage cars arriving off the Oregon Trunk Bridge; due to the size of the cars, this train will go east to Spokane before heading west to Seattle.

Whitcomb, WA February 24, 1979: While not rare, getting an F-unit on the front of the train east of Vancouver was less likely than scoring an Alco. . .so despite the clouds, we were happy to see ex-GN passenger warrior F3 706 taking a drag freight east, a GP9/C425 trailing.

North Dalles, WA, April 10, 1980: Back then, getting a pair of GE locomotives as solo power east of Vancouver was extremely rare. Here two U33C's, led by strangely-striped 5749, roll up the Columbia River near North Dalles, Mount Hood towering in the background.

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