Thursday, January 3, 2008

The best to you in 2008!

I'll let this spontaneous piece of celebratory art from son E. be my wish to you for a happy and peaceful 2008. I sorta like the smiley faces on Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty. . .wouldn't it be a cool piece of big-scale art, a la Christo, if we were able to hang smiley faces on these icons of America for a year?

What are my resolutions?

HA! I need a week or two to let 'em shake out. . . following the craziness that was Christmas around our place--believe me, I envy those folks who don't have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, fitting in time at home with the family with trips to my sister's in Plano to visit my dad and my sister from the Left Coast, visits from M's family, the gift giving, the three-meals-in-a-row of Turkey, etc.

I do hope to be a more patient parent, a more attentive husband, and a more tolerant son. And maybe a more consistent blogger as well (where do people get the time to do all this stuff!). Maybe elimiate the clutter--mental as well as physical--that stresses up my life. Lose a hundred pounds. Get out of debt.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's back to putting up more e-bay auctions to pay for the holidays.

Happy New Year!

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SDP45 said...

Post some of that Mansfield and CW stuff. They seem to be the money shots!