Saturday, December 13, 2008

As Lucky As Ken. . .

(With apologies to Chris Skow): If one over-under is great. . .

I'm not always so blessed, but this week I'm able to say I'm at least SOMETIMES as lucky as my friend Ken Fitzgerald, the celebrated Fort Worth rail photographer who is just as adept at photographing the 15" gauge Trinity Park kiddie railroad as he is hobnobbing with Union Pacific officials on their bidness trains.

A few days ago, Ken posted a couple shots on his website/blog,, shots of an over-under Union Pacific/BNSF meet at Vaughn, New Mexico, where the BNSF former Santa Fe transcon mainline crosses over the Union Pacific ex-Southern Pacific Golden State Route.

Been there, done that. Twice. And here's the results, from a spring trip in 1997. The light isn't as nice as Ken's attempts, naturally, but, hey, I've got Warbonnets AND SP bloody nose. Lucky, indeed. What's that cliche? "Luck is the detrius of preparation" or somesuch? Not in this case. Luck is just luck!

Mark the date: I've FINALLY been able to one-up Mr. Fitz!

. . . then two must be dy-no-mite!

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