Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 44-6?

Reptile. Billionaire. Loser.

Pardon me for a moment.

Ha hahahahahheeeheeheeheeohhohoho. Snicker.

That felt better.

Way to go, Cowboys. Another underachieving season.

They'd been teetering on the brink for the past six weeks. . . and Sunday, when they "controlled their own destiny," they couldn't even get motivated to show up against the Eagles, let alone offer them any sort of challenged.


Another year wasted. Another 16 roller-coaster weeks out of the lives of the devoted, hoping, just hoping, that all that Super Bowl talk would amount to SOMETHING. A playoff berth. Even a winning season (that is defined in Dallas by The Faithful as a record that gets them in the playoffs. Salt in the wounds that 9-7 just doesn't cut it).

The off-season awaits. A few months of dissecting what went wrong, followed by an ever-hopeful draft, then training camp and once again, hope will spring eternal.

Where can The Faithful lay their blame?

Romo? Sure.

T-O (Mr. Sure Hands)? You betcha.

Offensive line? What's that.

Defense? Sure over-rated in my opinion.

The rest of the sorry squad? A bunch of chest-thumping, Me-Firsters. A team? Hardly.

Coach Cupcake? Bring back Chan Gailey! Hell, Tuna was an asshole, but he got results, and players might not have liked the guy, but they shook in their boots when he looked in their direction.

Co-ordinators? The Anointed One (in charge of that powerful offense, no less)!

How about Numero-Uno--the Big Cheese. Jerry! There's a place to point a bunch of blame. Jerry, get out of the way. Hire a General Manager. Quit meddling in the team like you're the father of a high school player living out his dreams vicariously through his kid. Sure, you've sunk your fortune into this team--step back and hire folks who can manage it. At this point, your heavy had has produced NOTHING of value, and in fact if this continues much longer, you're going to actually hurt the "brand" that is Dallas Cowboys.

This is sweet. That big, new stadium. New home of the under-achieviers.

I'm lovin it. Gloating over the yearly Cowboy collapse keeps me going til the Rangers start spring training.

Hang down your head, Tony Romo!

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Anonymous said...

At least the Wowboys won a few games this year.

-a fan of the 0-16 Detroit Lie-Downs