Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I. turns 5!

I. enjoys me pirate's booty. Arrrrugh!

A happy birthday to son I. who turned 5 yesterday. On Sunday, we braved the 104 degree heat and invited a few of his friends and their parents to our neighborhood pool to cool off in the water, splash around, have some cake and pizza and get otherwise bloated.

I. wanted to have a Pirate themed party. Don't know why, as he'd never expressed an interest in pirates, pirating, or pirate skills in the past. So, Pirates it was. Avast ye scurvey dawg!

I. looked a little sleepy when he got the cake. . .

. . .but he perked right up when he blew out the candle. The pure blast of sugar won't hurt, either!

Amazing Sky At Sunset

A few weeks ago, a thunderstorm moved off to the east right at sunset, revealing an amazing fire-red sky. I've seen few this spectacular over the years we lived in Texas. We all gathered in the backyard to watch, then I got the crazy idea to take a few photos of the boys. Ended up with sort of a poor-recreation-of-1950's-Baseball Card poses-with-a-psychedelic-sky.

E. steps to the plate first. . .

. . .and I. makes a big stretch to make the catch.

Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco.

Boy's Night Out

Mary needed a break and abandoned us for an evening to get drunk with her friends and stuff dollar bills into the g-strings of well-endowed male strippers (well, that's not really true), so friend Lance and I entertained the boys with. . . baseball!

We drove over to Frisco to check out the AA Rangers affiliated Rough Riders (named, we're told, after Teddy Roosevelt's Mexican raiders, not the condoms) at the Dr. Pepper Ballpark. A great facility, and the baseball wasn't half bad. As required in the Modern Minor League Ballpark Manual, there is a play area for the kids, a sports bar, and plenty of entertainment between innings. What was the final score? Who cares. But we had fun. And the kids got an autograph from up-and-coming First Base prospect Justin Smoak. who has since been promoted to AAA Oklahoma City en route to the Bigs. It was a first rate-place, even if the mascot was a bit skanky.

Lance, myself, and the dudes (and mini-hat of ice cream).

The boys enjoyed the play area. Naturally.

Me and the mascot (I'm on the left). How did that mascot smell, I asked I. "Not very good."


Gary Laker said...

Mate, that cake is a work of art. Is there an edible part?... or is it just for show ?!!

Cheers from a very chilly Oz. Bit envious of your 104.

PS Glad you indicated who was the mascot ;-)

PPS Survived our first Tsunami warning last night ! A 7.9 off NZ. A gift from the Kiwi's or a message from the All Blacks. (Rugby test this week).

Anonymous said...

Hey Blair,

Are you sure that you are the one on the left of the shot?

Paul Bartle

BEK said...

I think the mascot smells better than I do.

MaryDK said...

Gary, the decorations on the cake were not eatable but the rest of it was... and it was quite yummy!

B, I don't think I. would agree with you.

Gary Laker said...

Oh dear 'foot in mouth' again. Sorry Mary I hope you don't think I was implying that I.'s cake was inedible ! In fact it looks too good to eat, a "work of art". I have no doubt it was delicious.
Now please excuse me while I find a quiet place to change feet.