Friday, July 17, 2009

Meth: The new Moonshine?

Okay, so NASCAR has suspended driver Jeremy Mayfield for testing positive--not once, but twice--for methamphetamines. Mayfield, of course, proclaims his innocence. His stepmother, who Mayfield accuses of killing his father a few years back, has thrown him under the bus, saying that she saw him using meth at least 30 times. Mayfield retaliates by calling her a "whore."

Now, I can't blame NASCAR for not wanting a jacked up driver on the track, but I find it a little ironic that a sport that famously plays up its moonshine-running roots is coming down so hard on a guy who (allegedly) used the modern-day rural-southern-white equivalent to moonshine. Hell, I've been to dirt track races in rural Texas where a good majority of the drivers were likely meth runners and much of the tatooed crowd were probably users.

I think NASCAR is missing a great marketing opportunity, being as a good number (more than NASCAR would probably want to admit) of its fans are rural, poor, southern racing fans who just might be using a bit of crank. Jeremy is their man! He needs to grow out a mullet, lose a tooth or two, and channel his inner redneck.

As far as sponsorship: Sudafed, are you listening?


Whiskey said...

We shut down the Barstow Sub on Tuesday for a few hours following a meth lab explosion under our Rock River bridge (Barstow, IL). There were reported to be fatalities and missing persons. Fun times!

Anonymous said...

Meth is killing my home town. It's very poisonous stuff that makes it's addicts angry and paranoid - and ugly. I don't think we need anymore ugly, angry, paranoid people in the world.

Anonymous said...

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